#00 Katrin Grunwald – from idea to podcast

Uploaded: 10.06.2019
Duration: 7:29

In this episode, I , Katrin Grunwald share about me, my work and how the podcast was started! It takes you from me being inspired by a TED talk in 2015 all the way to the start of Destination Leadership in summer 2019.

More about the idea for the podcast…

The idea for the podcast was born out of watching a TED talk in 2015. A young guy was telling his story of how he started asking someone “who is the most interesting person you know”? he then met this person, had a wonderful exchange and then asked –who is the most interesting person you know? This way he ended up with meeting a chain of extremely interesting and diverse people. That idea got me thinking… 

I work in the area of organisational development, team development and coaching – thus I work with a lot of different leaders and CEOs. For me the question that intrigued my curiosity is: “who is the most inspiring leader you know?” 

Fast forward four years. I have founded my own company, The Globe Team in 2018. It’s a consultancy for team and organisational development. I support clients worldwide in working better together, achieving clarity on their purpose, create a team environment that sparks innovation and many other topics related to change processes. Here I work with a large variety of clients – these are corporates (also based on my own background of working for 8 years for a large European company in the aeronautics sector), start-ups as well as civil society organisations and international organisations like the UN. In addition, I developed an interactive coaching programme for first-time leaders to give them a solid structure to master the move from team member to leading a team for the first time with self-confidence and ease! 

Back to the podcast- Now four years after my initial idea to interview inspiring leaders based on this TED talk, it is coming to life in the Destination Leadership podcast! I moved a bit away from the idea of interviewing people in a kind of chain – out of logistical reasons. 

But the question remains the same – who is the most inspiring leader you know and you have actually worked with? 

I have asked people around me and heard interesting stories about people who have really left a positive mark on others. And the answers to that question are so diverse! All the way from leaders in large corporates to the volunteer football coaches for teenagers. I love talking to people, hearing their stories, understanding what moves them and with this curiosity, I look forward to hosting the Destination Leadership podcast. 

My aim is that this podcast inspires especially young people at the beginning of their working life who are thinking about maybe leading a team one day. There is no one way I think that is the right way to lead teams. The podcast interviews will be about my guests’  stories, their mindset, their experiences and the things they would have liked to know at the beginning of their leadership careers. Diving into their worlds gives you as listeners hopefully a very diverse range of suggestions that you can then adapt to your personal situation. And think for you, what is it from those conversations that inspires you? 

The podcast will come out once a month and I am planning on doing the interviews live face-to-face with the guests.

If you know someone who you think I should definitely interview as this person has left a strong positive mark on you, get in touch! 

I am looking forward to meeting really cool people around the world and look forward to sharing that with you!

Enjoy the podcast!