Think back about the team leaders you have worked with: who would you say was an inspiring leader? What did that person do exceptionally well or differently than other leaders?

In the Destination Leadership podcast Katrin Grunwald interviews people who have been recommended by others as inspiring leaders.

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#17 Carolina Garcia & Karla Staton – Like Yin & Yang

Uploaded: 13.06.2022 | Duration:

After a long break of one year, hello again! In today’s episode we have two special guests all the way from Costa Rica, Carolina Garcia and Karla Staton. We talk about their inspiring leadership journey and how they formed Bellelli, an out of the box educational institution for early childhood education. We speak about how their diverse personalities have translated into the success of Bellelli – that’s where the title... View Article

#16 Isabella Phoenix – Spotting butterflies

Uploaded: 10.05.2021 | Duration: 44:02

Today’s guest is Isabella Phoenix who describes herself as mother, wife, friend, activist, board member and Global Head of Channel Enablement & Sustainability at Hewlett-Packard. In our conversation we speak about her leadership experience in all of those aspects of her life. You’ll hear recommendations for young leaders called “Chessboard”, “Honest John” and “Snakes&Ladders”. I like how this are such exciting cliffhangers! Just like the title I gave this episode... View Article

#15 Rolf Grunwald – Be a sparring partner

Uploaded: 10.01.2021 | Duration: 28:00

For this first episode of 2021 I have invited a very special guest – my dad! My dad has been leading teams for around 20 years at DEG, a German development bank. As a child I perceived my dad to be working long hours, spending time with his team members rather than us kids and once a year inviting his team to our home for a BBQ in the summer.... View Article

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