Think back about the team leaders you have worked with: who would you say was an inspiring leader? What did that person do exceptionally well or differently than other leaders?

In the Destination Leadership podcast Katrin Grunwald interviews people who have been recommended by others as inspiring leaders.

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#11 Julian Voje – Leadership in a political environment

Uploaded 4ago | Duration: 00:31:06

Today’s guest is from a completely different world from the ones we have had on the podcast so far – the world of politics. It’s Julian Voje, Head of Programs at the Munich Security Conference, who previously worked in the office of a German parliamentarian at the Bundestag and a political foundation. I find that our conversation shows the great positive energy & humour Julian has and at the same... View Article

#10 Tips for remote leadership

Uploaded: 10.06.2020 | Duration:

In today’s episode, 5 tips for remote leadership are shared based on Katrin Grunwald’s experience as team-and organisational development consultant and coach for first-time leaders. The tips include: You as a leader are the key to a good remote team Create individual relationships and inspire trust Take care of your team’s remote logistics Take time for team time  Use technical tools to activate and raise engagement More about… Remote Leadership... View Article

#09 Sebastian Wächter – Change Mindset

Uploaded: 10.05.2020 | Duration:

In this episode Sebastian Wächter shares how at the age of 18, he had a severe accident leading to 95% of his body being paralyzed. That’s why the first team he was actually leading was a team of 24/7 caretakers at quite a young age. We further talk about the role of leadership during his active time playing and coaching wheelchair rugby and lastly about his main topic where he... View Article

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