Katrin Grunwald, Host of Destination Leadership

About the podcast

Think back about the team leaders you have worked with: who would you say was an inspiring leader? What did that person do exceptionally well or differently than other leaders?

In the Destination Leadership podcast I, Katrin Grunwald, interview people who have been recommended to me by others as inspiring leaders. The interviews are about how these leaders interact with their team, what values are important to them and which lessons learned they have come across in their leadership journey. All this with the aim to inspire potential future leaders!

Maybe a leader from your work environment comes to your mind, maybe your sports coach during your teenage years, maybe a leader from an NGO you volunteer with – such a great diversity of leaders to learn from!

About Katrin Grunwald

As a child I grew up in Costa Rica due to my father’s work in the development cooperation. Learning Spanish and English in a playful manner enabled me to benefit from cultural diversity from an early age onwards.

This international foundation early on is quite important in my life and in the work I do as consultant for team and organisational development: I support teams worldwide in working better together and first-time leaders to have a successful start leading their first team.

I have always loved to discover people’s stories. Inspired by a TED talk in 2015, the idea to interview people around the world on their experiences of leadership was born.

Do you need leadership coaching?

To find out more about Katrin’s work in the area of leadership coaching as well as team and organisational development, visit her website www.the-globe-team.com.