#17 Carolina Garcia & Karla Staton – Like Yin & Yang

Uploaded: 13.06.2022

After a long break of one year, hello again! In today’s episode we have two special guests all the way from Costa Rica, Carolina Garcia and Karla Staton. We talk about their inspiring leadership journey and how they formed Bellelli, an out of the box educational institution for early childhood education. We speak about how their diverse personalities have translated into the success of Bellelli – that’s where the title Ying & Yang comes from – and what’s important to them when working with their team. If I was 4 years old again, I would have loved to be at their kindergarten and school! 

Just a quick note, please bear with us regarding the internet connection sometimes during the recording.

Wishing you a good time listening to the episode and I am sure you are going to have lots of specific take-aways for yourself – especially also if the idea of a leadership tandem is something that interests you! 

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We talk about: 

  • The incredible journey of Bellelli and why it is different from other schools
  • Mentors who are actually friends
  • The process of meeting one another and how they complement each other
  • What makes both a strong team and why do they consider each other their mentors
  • The important points to keep in mind when setting up the Bellelli team
  • Why passion, drive and motivation are more important than resumes
  • How they invest in the development of their team
  • Carolina and Karla’s lessons learned to not be too hard on yourself, it’s okay to fail, we are human beings. 
  • How conscious leadership, a connection to nature and the importance to balance offer a solution to problems in the future
  • Unusual leadership practices followed in Bellelli: open door school, co-working space for parents in the school, etc. 
  • The importance of sharing the Bellelli model and their experiences with others to impact more kids.
  • Why they think that it is so important to invest in children and early childhood education 

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