#14 Anna Roizman – Community leadership

#14 Anna Roizman – Community leadership

Uploaded: 10.11.2020
Duration: 33:47

Welcome to the 14th episode of Destination Leadership. Today’s guest is Anna Roizman, who is an agile coach at Porsche. She was recommended to me as someone not in a hierarchical leadership position like the other guests in this podcast, but rather as someone leading informally within a community at a large organisation. As I believe that it will be in future more and more common that young leaders gain first leadership experiences in project teams or communities across organisations, I wanted to invite Anna to the podcast.

In our conversation we talk about how she and others set up the agile community at Porsche, her concrete recommendations and lessons learned when setting up such a community and her wish for more courage in organisations to just try out new ways of working & exchanging in communities without clear KPIs and a traditional set up.

As Anna feels more comfortable in German, we did the interview in German, which I know many of you listeners also understand. That’s why without further due, viel Spaß bei unserem Podcast Interview!

We talk about: 

  • Her work in the Set Up Team Agile@Porsche
  • How she and others set up an agile community at Porsche
  • Requirements needed to set up an agile community
  • How to keep a community alive in the virtual and on-site world
  • Her lessons learned along the last three years of the agile community such as having a clear target group
  • How the community events were planned across the different Porsche sites
  • Her recommendations for listeners who would like to set up a community in their organisation
  • How to take care of the needs of the internal clients

More about Anna…

Anna on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-roizman 

Porsche – https://www.porsche.com/germany/aboutporsche/jobs/