#09 Sebastian Wächter – Change Mindset

Sebastian Wächter – Change Mindset

Uploaded: 10.05.2020

In this episode Sebastian Wächter shares how at the age of 18, he had a severe accident leading to 95% of his body being paralyzed. That’s why the first team he was actually leading was a team of 24/7 caretakers at quite a young age. We further talk about the role of leadership during his active time playing and coaching wheelchair rugby and lastly about his main topic where he is a real expert and keynote speaker: change processes. I am impressed by the way Sebastian connects his personal experiences with change to change processes in organisations! 

We talk about (in german): 

  • Individualised communication – who in your team needs which kind of communication?
  • How the dependence on his team led to sensitive antennas and he became more willing to compromise
  • The role of strengthening strengths in Sebastian’s sport experience 
  • Sebastian’s experience in the area of change, change mindset and which recommendations he would give leaders navigating a change with their team for the first time
  • The role of managers in change processes
  • The important competencies as a leader in change processes: Transmitting integrity, competence & security
  • The combination of creating awareness on a rational level AND an emotional level. This could be asking oneself questions such as “which feelings and hopes do I associate with the change”? “Are they only benefits for me as a leader or does this also affect my employees?” 
  • How finding joy in one’s own development as a part of a change process can help to even improve the change process outcomes
  • How sitting in a wheelchair for a day makes leaders change their perspective and increase their ability to learn to ask for help

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