#08 Lisa Glassner – Mindful leadership

Uploaded: 11.03.2020
Duration: 28:47

Welcome to episode number 8. Today I am talking with Lisa Glassner who has been recommended to me as an inspiring leader by one of her team members. She is someone who doesn’t just talk about mindfulness, she really lives it! Both in the way that she finds habits for her own well-being in a busy working life as well as in the interaction with her team by giving them the space to go with their energy flow.

We talk about: 

  • Her first outside-of-the box leadership experience living in Paris where she was organizing a Toastmasters club, an opportunity to experience leadership in a safe environment.
  • How communication is one of the keys to learning about leadership. If you communicate things very well, it will help you in any position!
  • The take-aways from working in Sweden such as the importance of getting alignment and how during „fika“, the afternoon coffee, work topics are discussed in an informal situation. Furthermore, how it’s not seen very positively if you stay long hours in the office and how men are taking an equal part of care work. 
  • Lisa’s journey towards mindfulness: how whilst travelling a lot for work, she was longing for reflection and saw the need to change herself before then working with her team on the topic. She shares how a consultant specialized in mindful coaching, yoga and emotional intelligence helped her and her team work on self-leadership, body & mind well-being topics and their impact on the communication amongst each other. She helped them to find answers to questions such as: Who do I want to be? What’s important to me in my life? Who do I want to be as a leader?
  • A role model from Lisa’s past who even in busy times established trust by calling in regularly and building a relationship. 
  • How cultural changes in companies nowadays can be more successful if the transformation occurs slower and in an authentic way for the people you want to retain or attract. The hip open office might not be the right step, each company ideally co-creates their own authentic work environment!
  • The importance of asking for feedback 
  • And we are left with the food for thought of what would happen if every leader around the world for one day would tell their team members: “Today I want you to do what is best for the company & then tell me about what happed during that day.”

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