#01 Philipp Heiler – humble leadership

Uploaded: 10.08.2019
Duration: 42:29

In this episode, I am interviewing Philipp Heiler, doctor & co-founder of brainboost.

We talk about:

  • Philipp’s passion about the brain, people’s quality of life and how people can achieve their goals in life
  • What neurofeedback is & how you can train your brain
  • How not following the „typical“ doctor’s path was his first act of leadership
  • How he sees good leadership as humble leadership: “dream arrogant, but act humble“ 
  • How Philipp emptying out the dishwasher each morning is for him an example for humble leadership – don’t be too snobby for doing stuff like emptying dishwasher or taking out the trash 
  • How standing in front if his team when there is a problem is part of his leadership style
  • How delegation was one of the main challenges when growing the business, but why setting time aside to teach someone to do a task rather than just tossing tasks at people is important to him
  • How the investment into a team Christmas party early on was so valuable at this early stage of the company 
  • How he cherry-picks from different rolemodels
  • How he plays with the balance between tech-stuff and meditation and how that relates to the team
  • How he deals with the challenge that the teams exists of people with very different professional backgrounds and thus different ways of working –  and especially how a team development workshop on what everyone does and how do they see themselves in the team helped the team to grow
  • How taking a rather “crappy” place in the office can also be seen as act of humble leadership 
  • How giving leaders an extra second before they react could eliminate all misunderstandings and make a difference in communication 

More about Philipp…

  • More information on brainboost & the medical practice: www.brainboost.de and www.praxis-heiler.de