#18 Julia Minici – Being ambitious & humble

Uploaded: 19.10.2022
Duration: 38:49

Today I am back with a wonderful guest, Julia Minici, Executive Director at JP Morgan Chase.  Leadership for Julia is not a job title, it’s who you are! I invite you to walk with us chronologically starting with the impact that Julia’s parents had on her leadership journey, her rise from Analyst to Executive Director in the bank, the importance of feedback in successfully leading a team, why she cares so much about the people in her team and many other interesting lessons learned along her leadership career. Stay tuned till the end to find out why the episode is called “Being ambitious & humble”!

Wishing you a good time listening to the episode and I am sure you are going to have lots of specific takeaways for yourself. I’m curious what you’ll implement! Let me know via katrin@destination-leadership.com or my social media channels. Enjoy listening to our conversation!

We talk about: 

  • the impact of Julia’s parents on her leadership journey
  • the role played by Julia’s first manager in molding her leadership path with the motto “team first”
  • the importance of constructive feedback and how it strengthens teamwork
  • Julia’s journey from “mom leadership” to “building two-way trust based relationships”
  • why you should trust your team and accept the different working styles
  • how to lead senior team members and be a leader of leaders
  • the importance of value-driven leadership
  • how leadership is not a job title, leadership is who you are. You can be a leader in any position, in any role, in any aspect of your life! 
  • the unique combination of being ambitious and humble
  • how the small things make the biggest difference like making small promises and keeping them. 

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