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#06 Judith Sterl – Listen, really listen

Uploaded: 11.01.2020 | Duration: 25:37

In this episode, I talk with Judith Sterl. She is the Head of Marketing and Communications of the German Accelerator. We talk about:  What helped her in her first leadership role: namely thinking about behaviors of  managers she had worked with in the past that she liked and didn’t like in order to developed her own style out of that as well as speaking with more senior colleagues. “Secret codes”... View Article

#05 Nicolas Deville – Taking care of your team

Uploaded: 10.12.2019 | Duration: 39:13

In this episode, I talk with Nicolas Deville. He is the founder of, a completely remote start-up. We talk about:  The art of delegation & being ok with the idea that someone else will do tasks differently  Putting yourself in the shoes of the team members: how would they like to be led, what drives that person, what’s their goal?  Walking meetings – just go out of the office... View Article

#04 Johann Romefort – Being kind and give first

Uploaded: 10.11.2019 | Duration: 36:59

In this episode, I am interviewing Johann Remefort. He is the Managing Director at Techstars for the BSH Future Home Accelerator in Munich. We talk about:  Johann’s first leadership experience: during university he was leading a customer support team for people having difficulties connecting to the internet. How he discovered as a techie his strengths in the interaction with people Johann’s company as a founder, Seesmic, where he was leading... View Article

#03 Sandra Zemke – Focus on strengths

Uploaded: 10.10.2019 | Duration: 40:37

In this episode, I am interviewing Sandra Zemke. She is a former consultant and works at a large DAX company in Germany. We talk about: Her leadership journey from an IT project manager motivating people in a big matrix organisation without a hierarchical responsibility to her first leadership role managing right away 25 team members spread across 3 countries.  Concrete tips for first-time leaders on how to structure your routines... View Article

#02 Sarah Gevirtz – Building trust, growth and belonging

Uploaded: 10.09.2019 | Duration: 37:25

In this episode, I talk with Sarah Gevirtz, who is an HR director in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley. We talk about: How her first team with less than 5 direct reports gave her the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of how to lead a team and pay attention to the humanness  Her leadership responsibility now with 6 direct reports and more than 20 people in her team... View Article

#01 Philipp Heiler – humble leadership

Uploaded: 10.08.2019 | Duration: 42:29

In this episode, I am interviewing Philipp Heiler, doctor & co-founder of brainboost. We talk about: Philipp’s passion about the brain, people’s quality of life and how people can achieve their goals in life What neurofeedback is & how you can train your brain How not following the „typical“ doctor’s path was his first act of leadership How he sees good leadership as humble leadership: “dream arrogant, but act humble“ ... View Article

#00 Katrin Grunwald – from idea to podcast

Uploaded: 10.06.2019 | Duration: 7:29

In this episode, I , Katrin Grunwald share about me, my work and how the podcast was started! It takes you from me being inspired by a TED talk in 2015 all the way to the start of Destination Leadership in summer 2019. More about the idea for the podcast… The idea for the podcast was born out of watching a TED talk in 2015. A young guy was telling... View Article